Sunday, February 12, 2006

Adoption Timeline

May 05~ attend adoption seminar and decide to go with China.

June 05~ Start homestudy This is where the social worker evaluates you and your husband. Social worker comes to house on first visit so cleaned like a maniac and made sure the dog smelled good.

June 05~ Apply to adoption agency and tell them about all the debt you have.

June 05~ Physical examination, fingerprinting, police letter of clearance, etc., etc., etc.

July 05~ Social worker goes on vacation. Go to immigration and turn in application for adoption.

August 05~ Homestudy FINALLY done!!!!

August 05~ Wait for approval of adoption by immigration. Better get used to six week wait for approval as this is just the start of waiting.

September 05~ Start student teaching, have no life. Oh wait, I was talking about adoption. What I mean is adoption approval finally comes from immigration. Go to AAA and get all documents notarized. Go to the county to verify that the notary does exist and is a true notary. Go to Secretary of State to verify that the county was not lying. Go to Chinese Consulate to verify that the state was not lying. Send documents to agency.

October 05~ Dossier which is all of the paperwork goes to China.

October 31 05~ Happy Halloween, our log-in-date which means we are paper pregnant.

Referral for a child will come according to how long it takes for China to process paperwork for babies. The current wait is around 9-10 months so we hope to get a referral in July 05 and travel 5-8 weeks after that. Currently China has only done referrals for people with log-in-dates through May 12th 2005our lid is Oct. 31. You do the math.

We can officially say...................

We are expecting!!!!!!

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