Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Would You Qualify?

Today Jerry and I were at the doctor's office getting our 2nd physical within the year because our paperwork is about to expire and as I was getting poked, prodded, and stuck with a needle I was thinking about how people who have children biologically don't have to go through any of this crap. When you adopt, your life is basically an open book. If you took a poo 5 years ago, and didn't use toilet paper, the social worker wants to know why.

Which comes to the reason why I am ranting. I came across a website for parents who are thinking about adopting. They have a list of so called questions. I started reading them and came to the following one:

What "qualifications" must a couple meet before they are accepted as clients? Sounds simple enough right? WRONG!!!! Below is their answer.

There are a number of attributes we are looking for as we screen prospective adopting parents. Those attributes are, in order of importance:

a. a stable and loving marriage
b. emotional maturity and readiness to parent
c. willingness and ability to fully accept an adopted child as a member of the family
d. financial stability and ability to provide the child with a proper home and upbringing
e. an infertility or other medical reason why the couple wishes to adopt
f. "likeability" of the couple, i.e., are they genuinely "nice" people?

We are fortunate to be in a position where, after 27 years of handling adoption cases, we can pick and choose which couples we will represent, and we can turn down a couple if they are not up to our standards.

Whew, thank goodness that I'm likeable! Now if I can just remember to use that darn toilet paper. :)

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