Monday, April 16, 2007

It's About Freaking Time I started It

My good friend Elizabeth came over this past weekend and we started stenciling the babie's nursery. Elizabeth and I worked our butts off all day and I think we did a farely decent job, considering it was our first big stenciling project. It's not finished but here are some pictures of what we did.

Wait, what was that? Where was Jerry you ask? When he wasn't fooling around with the patio cover, mowing the lawn, or eating at the party next door, he was yelling encouraging words through the front window! Thanks hon!

Here is the tree with birds. I might add a few more leaves but I love this tree.

The mushrooms were a pain to stencil because it had 3 different layers and we had to wait for the paint to dry before we could do the next stencil.

I love this momma turtle with the baby. (It could be a daddy turtle too!)

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Sandy said...

I love the nursery! I've painted my future daughter's nursery yellow also and am hoping to do a tree with a picket fence! Too cute!