Monday, April 23, 2007

Ramblings from the Bedroom

I woke up on Friday with my throat killing me and a fever but I knew I had to go to work because we had a field trip planned. Of course, the only day it rains in SoCal is when our classes are going on a field trip. So I pull my aching body out of bed, drag myself into the shower, and attempt to make myself look somewhat acceptable for school and public viewing. At school, I have parents asking me stupid questions such as am I driving on the field trip today? Um, don't you think you should have asked that at the beginning of the week, not the day of?! Anyway, I manage to make it through the day and when I get home, stand in front of the heater for 20 minutes but still cannot get warm so I call the dog on the bed hoping that he can help because hey, people lost on mountains have survived just from the heat of their pet.

By the time Jerry comes home, I'm running a high fever and all I want is a cup of chicken noodle soup. Is that too much to ask? I guess for my husband it is. He comes home with my soup and tells me that I probably won't like it because it has rice in it. Okay people, the soup isn't even chicken noodle! There isn't one sign of a noodle and it has all these weird vegetables in it. As I'm throwing it away, Jerry tells me that I should have told him I didn't like it and he would have gone out and gotten me different soup. HELLO!!! If he'd gone to the place I told him to the first time, we wouldn't be have been having this conversation. By this time, my throat is feeling like it's in hell and I'm ready for bed so off I go, without a stitch of chicken soup in my tummy.

The next morning, my glands are killing me, I can barely swallow, and I feel like I'm about to die. I manage to drag myself to the computer where I am convinced that I have strep throat. After some coaxing, I convince Jerry to take me to the Dr.'s office where Jerry insists that I do not have strep throat. He also tells me that if I don't, he will never take me to the doctor again. I keep telling him that I do. The doctor does the test and low and behold, I have strep.

So on the way home, Jerry is feeling very guilty and stops to get my chicken noodle soup at the place I had asked him to go to the night before. We get home and I am finally in bed, with my drugs, soup, and gatorade at my bedside. What more could a girl want? This is where I have stayed for the last 3 days and continue to do so until I go back to work tomorrow. I have made some interesting observations while being in bed for 3 days.

Observation #1 When hubby feels bad for denying one of an illness, he actually does laundry. Forget the fact that he hung my pajamas up on hangers and lost a sock of mine, he actually did ALL of the laundry. Observation #2 There is absolutely nothing on the 500 channels you have when you are allowed to lay in bed all day. Observation #3 The plight of polar bears in the artic is very sad which makes me want to start doing something to save our earth from global warming. Observation #4 The Price is Right is still the best show on morning television. Observation #5 It is possible to not brush your hair for 3 days. Final observation, my leg hairs grow back black, not blonde like they used to when I was young. Like I said, ramblings from the bedroom!

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