Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Care Package

I finally got Gracelyn's package out today. It took 2 hours to make because I had to print the pictures for her album and cut all of the chinese writing labels out. You would have thought that I was working with gold!!! I wanted everything to be perfect and I hope it gets to her. It doesn't have a lot of items because my agency said not to send a box bigger than a regular shoe sized one. Otherwise, it might get stuck in customs. Above is her cute bunny blankie, a rattle, and some Jelly Bellies for her nannies. Apparently Jelly Bellies are rare in China so I sent 3 boxes!

Gracie's album with pictures of herself, mommy, daddy, Wrigley and her new home. Hopefully the nannies will show her the pictures so she will get used to seeing what we look like. I also sent two disposable cameras, because one just wasn't enough!!!

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