Friday, June 22, 2007

Yesterday we had a very busy day but all of the days seem to be that way. I swear, we go from 6am - 10pm every single day. It is very hot and humid here so your engery gets drained very quickly. Jerry and I have also discovered that no matter how early we wake up, we seem to always be runnng late! We used to be on time for everything, but now that we have Gracie in our life, it takes twice as long to get ready. Anyway, yesterday, Gracie had her medical exam and she got a clean bill of health. They weighed her and she is 16.4 pounds! One of the biggest babies in the bunch. Our friend Natalie and Don's baby is only 12.4 pounds. Let me tell you, when I am carrying Gracelyn, I feel every pound of her. I think I am going to be very buff when I get home.

I have already lost 4 pounds here. I think I am sweating a bunch of my weight off. Plus, when I am about to sit down to eat a meal, Gracie usually becomes fussy because she knows mom wants to eat. I have learned to eat very quickly over the last couple of days. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo which I am looking forward too. I have heard they have dogs in cages there because they are rare in China. I will get back to you on that one. Speaking of dogs, I really miss Wrigley and can't wait to pet him. Jerry and I showed Gracie a picture of Wrigley and she really liked it!!!

A beautiful park that we visited in Guangzhou.

Gracie on the horsie at the park. They wouldn't let her ride because she was too young.

We attracted all sorts of attention with our babies at the park. Tons and tons of people came up to us and would surround us speaking in Chinese. They were very curious and positive about the babies. We could barely make it two steps without groups of people coming up to us.

Gracies exam

Sleeping baby

Right before we went into the examining room

Jerry has not felt the best some of this trip. His tummy has been bugging him the poor guy. The fingers in the background our from our friend Natalie. They look like a weird growth out of Jerry's head!

Gracie and her thumb. Isn't this adorable?!

Her head isn't that big!!!

Poor Jerry and Gracie were exhausted at the shopping mall!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I really enjoy seeing all of your pictures. I am sure when you get home all of you will have a more relaxing routine. I can't wait to see all of you and especially Gracie. Tanya, I have some interesting things to tell you. Only one more week.

Anonymous said...

so you will be home by time you get this but then you will be so busy getting reajusted with time zone and getting gracie used to her new home and wrigley. I cant wait to see her but will give you time you can let me know when you are ready for company.
Welcome home


Anonymous said...

Would you guys come home already so we can see that adorable baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!