Thursday, June 07, 2007

Headed on an Outbound Plane!!!

I can't believe how fast this is all happening but we are leaving for China next Tuesday, June 12th!!! Holy crap!!! We will be going to Beijing first and then on to Guangzhou which is the province Gracie is in. We get Gracie on Tuesday, June 19th. Did I mention that we just got the carseat last night?! Did I also mention that we aren't packed and still have a couple more items to get?! I haven't even finished reading my baby books yet.


Carol said...

Congratulations!! I think we are going to be just like you!! We have purchased nothing!!!!

Can't wait to see you on Gotcha Day!!!

Shelly said...

Now THAT'S what I want to see when I randomly check on someone's blog. A big WOOOOHOOOO from a waiting mom in CA. Can't wait to see pictures of your little girl in your arms. Have a safe trip -- as someone who has BTDT, you have puh-lenty of time to shop for anything you've forgot once you're in China. Go get her!

Lori Baumann said...

Yeah! We are so excited for you 3! Have an amazing trip and do not worry...all she needs is you and Jerry!

Can't wait to see her!
The Baumanns

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good trip. Can't wait to meet Gracie. Jerry is excited too.


joanne said...

Hi Tanya&Jerry,
I hope everything is going well on your adventurous journey to get your baby girl.I can't waite until you all return back to the states as a family. I am sooooooooo happy for you both and Gracie is very blessed to have you two for her parents.Keep us updated. Love,Joanne

joanne said...

Tanya, Aren't you proud of your cousin finally learning how to access the blog spot.hahaha Joanne