Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, June 25

Yesterday we went to a beautiful mountain called White Mountain. It's the highest mountain in Guangzhou. It was nice because we got to take an electric car up the mountain instead of walking. At the top, you could see a beautiful view of the city. I'm sure the Chinese people thought that we were pampered americans because a lot of them were walking to the top. There was no way I was going to haul my butt up there, in the scorching heat and humidity!

At the top, there was an interesting bird show. The birds went bowling and everything! I say interesting because in the states, I am used to the bird trainers talking throughout the show but in this one, the trainers stood there staring straight ahead while the birds did the tricks. Below, I have hodgepodged a bunch of pictures together because I am trying to get as many on my blog for you as I can. I'm also beat tired because we went to visit Gracie's orphanage today. I will blog more about that tomorrow.

Gracie loves being swung into the air. Notice her cute ladybug outfit? Mom bought that and a bunch more while shopping the day before.

I love this picture! Gracie's toothless smile is awesome!

Daddy has discovered that one of Gracie's favorite toys is a water bottle. That figures that she likes water, just like her daddy!

Daddy and Gracie playing together on the floor. Gracie already has daddy wrapped around her finger. By the way, Jerry is trying to teach Gracie to talk already!!! He swears she says Da, Da!!

At the bird show. If you held out 1 Yuan, the bird would come and land on your arm and take it from you. Of course, you didn't get it back!!!

The 3 Buddahs in one of the many temples on the mountain

This is kind of like a fountain of youth. The elderly come up the mountain every day and take the water back in bottles. It supposedly brings good health to people.

Jerry spotted a wild mountain lion on the hill!!

Here is our family with a view of the city in the background.


At the White Swan, there is a tradition that adoptive families do. They have a red couch where you take your son or daughter's picture. Jerry and I couldn't figure out which coach it was as there were several so we took a few pictures.

Another red couch photo

At one of the lakes at White Mountain, there were tons and tons of fish and turtles. People bring them to the lake to set them free to save a life. As I said before, saving a life is one of the 7 good deeds one can do to get to heaven.


Sue said...

Congrats! Baby Gracie is such a cutie! What a beautiful smile (even more so because she is toothless!)

We are friends of baby Sydney in your travel group. It is great to see all your photos! Enjoy the rest of your time in China and safe travels home!

Sue B

Anonymous said...

wow what a nice site this morn to see your hapy faces.You will never know how much I am enjoying thse letters and pictures. Of course gracie is saying daddy. She is beautiful looks like a very happy little doll baby. What a pretty smile she has and so do you you both lok so happy. Love you all.

Granny Joy

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Little Jerry can't wait to meet his new friend. Gracie is sooooo cute.
I don't think I will be able to stay away 2 weeks before I see her. It looks like you and Jerry have bonded nicely with your beautiful daughter. Have a safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

YAY...More pictures!!!!!!!! WHEN ARE YOU GUYS COMING HOME????? I want to see Gracie!!!