Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Last Day in China!!!!

I was going to post pictures but I am so tired so I will just post one of my favorite ones and then when I get home and have some time, I promise I will post lots more. Anyway, we leave China tomorrow at 1:20pm Saturday and get home at 11:30am on Saturday. It's very weird to leave on the same day and get home earlier! Our trip to China has been an eventful one and on one hand am sad to leave Gracie's home country but on the other, can't wait to get home. I am very homesick and miss so many things. Jerry and I have seen a lot of China and have ventured to places most adoptive parents probably have not seen. I felt it was very important to see as much as China as possible. We have taken a lot of pictures and one day will show Gracie the beautiful country that she comes from.

Yesterday, we went to the U.S. Consulate and got sworn in and Gracie got her Visa which means that once we make it through customs, the minute we step through, Gracelyn is an automatic U.S. citizen. The swearing in was very emotional because the journey has been so long yet it feels just like yesterday when we started this process. I'm not sure what the future has to hold as far as adopting from China again but I do know that we have gained a very beautiful daughter from this country and Jerry and I are so grateful that we have been given the wonderful opportunity to have such a precious gift. Please have us in your prayers for a safe flight home.


Tanya, Jerry, and Gracelyn


Anonymous said...

Will see you soon. I am so excited.
Have a safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! You are FINALLY coming home!!! call me as soon as you get here!! I know everyone is going to want to come over, but i want to, too!!! if you want us to wait until the hussle and bustle is over just let me know I think I can hold out!!! See you soon!!!