Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, June 24th

Today we went to the zoo and did some more shopping. The zoo was fun and interesting. Dogs are rare in China because of the high tax on them so there was an area that they had a dog at the zoo!! I think the dog was a pomeranian. It's still very hot here, about 90 something degrees with 80% humidity. I call China the never ending hot flash!!! I can't wait to get back and to the cool beach breeze. Poor Gracie sweats like crazy whenever we go outside. Her head sweats the most and even does so as she is sleeping. She was very tolerant and good today in her stroller while mom and dad shopped. So far, I have bought Gracelyn 9 pairs of shoes!!! They were around $5 a piece. Of course Jerry is having a heart attack. We also bought Gracie another toy and Jerry got some sort of tool. Hey, how could Jerry come to China without buying a tool?!

We are going to have to buy a suitcase to bring home because all of our stuff won't fit as we have two tea sets, toys, clothes, etc. The suitcases are really cheap here, about 100 yuan a piece which is $13 american dollars. Did I mention that shopping isn't as fun as it is at home because you have to calculate how much each item is which takes twice is long if you forget your calculator. Also, when you go to the department stores, you aren't allowed to walk around with the items. You tell the girl what you want, they write you a ticket, you pay the cashier, and then go back and get your stuff.

Jerry and I are looking forward to coming home this Saturday as we miss everyone and everything. Jerry is really missing his grass!!! I miss the food!!! Tonight we ordered from a place called Danny's Bagel which is western style food as they call it here. We ordered pizza and I ordered bagels with cream cheese for tomorrow. Jerry even ordered 4 rootbeers which they call imported because it's from the United States. Well, I better get going.

P.S.: When I was changing Gracie's diaper, she peed on me today but I forgive her! :)

Gracie loved the animals at the zoo. She takes after mommy. Here she is staring at the pigs.

The dog that is at the zoo.

Here is the restaurant we ate at after the zoo. All the young workers took the babies so the moms and dads could eat.

Jerry and I bought Gracelyn a panda at the zoo. I love this picture because Jerry is making Gracie laugh by showing her the panda.

Here is Jerry at the Buddhist Temple yesterday bowing 3X , making a wish, and then burning the incense.

Here is the Buddhist Monk blessing the babies. We got Gracie blessed because we felt it was important to her culture. It was a very spiritual ceremony and I felt so pure. I was told that to get to heaven, you need to do seven acts of kindness but if you adopt, you go straight to heaven.

For the ceremony, you had to take your shoes off and be on your knees with your hands in prayer in front of you. It was hard to do with the babies squirming around.

Daddy and Gracie getting ready for the zoo!

In front of the monkey cage

Gracie's toy we bought her at the department store. She loves it as it makes music.

Gracie's first Winnie the Pooh outfit. I of course am in my pajamas. Gracie loves pooh as much as mommy does!

Forever a family at the temple.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures keep getting better and better. I really enjoy them. You and Jerry look like you really bonded well with Gracie. I am counting the days until you come home. I am dying to hold that beautiful baby.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!!!!!We want more!!!!!!!!! Gracie seems so happy with you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Once again was so happy to turn on the computor and find this nice letter and pictures from you. I want you to know how much I enjoy this I feel I am part of your experience and love for gracie. You look so content and happy and Gracie well she is a doll was so cute the smiely one where Daddy was making her laugh,how sweet.
Thanks agin will be waiting and looking forward to next batch. I am sending these to Tony and Donna and to my girls they are enjoying them too. Love you guys. A big kiss for Gracie from her Granny Joy .