Friday, June 01, 2007

Updated Info Again!!!

I just received some updated photos of Gracelyn. They were taken on May 8th. I am so excited to get more pictures of her!!! We also got our TA yesterday which means we should be travelling within the next 2-3 weeks. I guess I should buy our suitcase now.

Still love those butterflies.

So stinkn' cute!!!


Shelly said...

OMG, I want to babysit! She is soo cute. Congrats on your TA! Just take the luggage you need, because we bought a HUGE suitcase there for about $8 and used it for all the stuff we brought home.


Sue said...

Wow - what chubby cheeks! I know you can't wait to kiss them! I found your blog via Rumor Queen. And, oddly enough, we are friends w/ a couple in your travel group. Have a wonderful trip to your daughter!

Sue B

Anonymous said...

What about her proud Grandpa? He can't wait to spoil his granddaughter. I told Tanya that I would get even with her some day.
Shelley, I'll call you when it's my turn to babysit, but don't tell Tanya.

Granny Joy said...

Jerry and Tanya
Wow how exciting.I am so happy for you two I can not vision your excitement.Our thoughts were with you in the sierras we talked about you and your adventure. Give Gracie a kiss for me after you have given here millions. I love you guys. Good luck


June Vilander said...

Son Jerry & Daughter Tanya, was wonderful to see the happiness on your faces after the long wait. Gracelyn is so beautiful & I talk to her every day.I got a crib for her so when you & Jerry would like some time off & I would have some alone time with her. Know you will want to stay very close to her & will be hard to leave her for even a short time for awhile. You are now touch by a love only a child can give you. How wonderful.
Can't wait to see her .
Have a safe trip home.
Miss you.Love you all very much. Mom-Nanny