Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We have Gracie!!!

We finally have our precious baby girl in our arms!! We received her yesterday which was Tuesday. She came out in the nannie's arms smiling and giggling. She loves to smile!! She also loves to watch everything around her. She does not like falling asleep for fear she will miss something. She doesn't have any teeth nor a lot of hair like her daddy. But Gracie does love to eat!! I think she weighs the second most out of 16 babies. Gracie fits fine in her 6-9 month clothing as some of the other babies are in size 1-3 months at 8 months old.

She has had her first poop which is a great sign because a lot of times, the babies are still adjusting and won't go for up to 5 days. Today was a little bit rougher than yesterday and Gracie cried quite a bit but that is to be expected as she is grieving for her nannies. Jerry is a great dad and a huge help. I think that's all for now as Gracie just awoke from her nap crying.

Signing the official paperwork

Signing the paperwork saying that we will forever take care of Gracie, we will not discriminate against her, or abandon her.


Sue said...

Congrats!!! What a cutie! She looks so alert and ready to enjoy the rest of her life w/ mommy and daddy. Enjoy getting to know your little girl and the rest of your time in China!

Sue B

Anonymous said...

Tanya, It appears that you have already mastered the art of motherhood. The way you hold Gracelyn and signed the papers reminds me of your mother when she used to hold you and do a dozen different tasks and you were her third child so she had a lot of practice. Gracelyn is a perfect fit in yours and Jerry's arms.
Love, Your Dad & Gracelyn's Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Oh my just signed on and there were two no three of my favorite people showing there love and happiness. You both look very natural holding Gracie.What a cutie she is, yes she will have an adjustment to make to get used to her new family but i know you will win her over right away and she will feel loved and she is yours. Congratulations. All my love

Grayy Joy

Anonymous said...

Hebrews 11:1 NIV
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

I am thrilled that you can NOW see what you had to have faith in!!! My prayers are with you. I guess if my mom is Granny Joy ... that would make me...

Aunt Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Congtatulations! A BEAUTIFUL niece I have, indeed! What a wonderful glow you both have as I look at the pictures of you holding Gracelyn! Can't wait for your return! Thank you God for answering prayers and rewarding our family with such a wonderful gift! See you all soon!
Love always,
your brother and Uncle Frank

Anonymous said...

Is that the outfit you got Gracie in or is that one of your outfits? It's very cute! Did they give you back the disposable camera's that you sent them? Did they take any pictures? By the way this is Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Jason is having Jerry withdrawls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!