Thursday, July 05, 2007

This is cool Uncle Pete

I love Eeyore very much!

Aunt Debbie

Uncle Pete

Grandpa Turro and Grandma Vilander

I'm gonna get you Eeyore

Learning how to crawl

Gracelyn in her 4th of July outfit and first bow!

Happy 4th of July!!!! Yesterday we went over to Uncle Peter's and Aunt Debbie's house. This day was extra special as it was Gracie's first 4th of July. Gracie loved Uncle Peter and couldn't get enough of him. He thought she was pretty special too.

Last night, I decided to break out my adoption book regarding sleep issues and got some great advice so when Gracie woke up around 11:45ish, I followed the book and Gracie went back to sleep after about an hour and didn't wake up until I went in as 8am this morning!!! This is truly a miracle. Today Jerry and I bought a CD player that has a repeat button on it so when Gracelyn goes to sleep tonight, the lullibies will play all night long. I pray that tonight goes as well as last night did!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are getting some sleep. We got a crank call last night at 1:30 AM and that woke Bailee up! I was so frustrated! Other than that things are going pretty well. Let me know what the secrets are in case we need some more help. Gracie is sooo cute, and looks so comfortable with your family.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Great pictures..
Gracie is a doll and looks like she is adjusting well..
Have a great weekend.