Sunday, July 01, 2007

We Are Home!!!!!!

We finally arrived home yesterday at around 2pm. The plane ride was really long and felt like forever, especially to Jerry who did not get to take an Ambien. Gracelyn did great on the plane and slept a lot of the way. She did so well, that at the end when she started crying, an older couple mentioned that they didn't even know we were travelling with an infant!!

When we got home, Jerry and I each took turns coming in and petting Wrigley before we brought Gracie in. He missed us a bunch. Gracelyn just loves and adores Wrigley and smiles huge and reaches out to touch him whenever she sees him. I'm not so sure the same love is there for her from Wrigley but he's curious and likes to lick Gracie's feet!

Last night was very rough as Gracelyn was still on China time and woke up around 12:30am. Jerry, Wrigley, and I all got up and tried several things to get Gracelyn back to sleep, including Benadryl which had the opposite affect!!! She finally went down at around 4am and awoke around 9am. We tried to keep her up all day so she would sleep tonight and so far, it seems to be working. Poor Wrigley, he thought he was getting a midnight walk.

Today, Jerry and I went to Babies R Us and bought a bunch of items for Gracelyn including a Diaper Champ as Gracie has had up to 7 poopy diapers in one day!! We also got a jumper, activity mat, more bottles, and other items. Our house is already a total disaster and there are baby things everywhere. I started laundry at 4pm this afternoon and am only on the second load! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. I also can't believe how I go to start something and get so distracted and end up not finishing my task. But, I would not trade this feeling for the world.

P.S.: We gave Gracie a bath in her new tub that Auntie Jill bought her and Gracie loved it!!! Thanks Jill.

Leaving on

Gracie sleeping peacefully on the plane

Los Angeles from the air

Gracie is an official U.S. citizen!

Gracie in her Pack N Play

Our first meal home was mexican food!!!

Yummy chips and guac

Gracie's new activity mat that she loves!

Wrigley is curious as to who this creature is

Proud Grandpa!!!

Gracelyn sees her room for the first time

Gracie loves the stenciled butterflies on the wall by her changing table


Anonymous said...

SO WELCOME HOME.Thanks for the new pictures.Did you get my message will try to call tomorrow. Welcome home

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you made it OK. It sounds like things are going well. We should talk to each other during the night, as we were up with Bailee at 12 and 2:30 last night. It feels so good to be home! Drop us an email whenever you get a about two weeks or so!! Talk to you soon!

Carol said...

Congratulations we have followed your blog. I am also thinking of butterflies for my daughter's room. Welcome home little one!

"MissMeliss" said...

Congratulations. I came home with my Mia this past week, too. We're having a little tough time with the transition, and the time is flying... but we're managing. I'd love to chat.

(and Mia)
Family Day June 19, 2007