Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My little pumpkin and spidey

I can't believe that Halloween is almost over, it feels like it just begun. Gracie looked so cute in her costume and she got to go trick or treating three times (this worked out great because I was trying to get the extra mileage out of the costume)! She loved the candy and would look in her bucket everytime someone dropped a candy in it. She also liked to pick her own piece of candy and most of the time would go for the chocolate, just like her mommy. She had to carry around a piece of candy to at ALL times and when Jerry tried to trade it out for a safer one, just in case she put it in her mouth, she stubbornly pulled her hand away from him and refused to let go! She also had a blast shaking the Nerds as though they were rattles. At first, I felt guilty taking candy, knowing that Jerry and I were going to be the ones eating it but when we brought the bucket home, and I got a whiff of all the flavors, I giggled liked a school girl and forgot all about the guilt. I am so exhausted so here is one picture of my lil pumpkin and I will post more tomorrow. Happy haunting!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took Gracie to her very first pumpkin patch
She wasn't quite sure what to do
Help me please, what are all these round orange things??

She liked mama's lap a lot better

Please don't tell me you expect me to go down there

Oh brother, more of those funny looking things

Daddy tried to show her the pumpkins were okay but Gracie didn't want anything to do with them. Oh well, maybe next year!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

As you've figured out, Gracie's first birthday was Saturday. The morning started out miserable as it was raining and of course, our party was being held outside. It never rains in SoCal so why shouldn't it rain when we have an outdoor event planned!! Poor Jerry was arranging and re-arranging the tables so he could fit everyone under the tents and avoid the puddles that were building up on our patio. Not an easy task to do when you have over 40 people coming! When it was time for Gracie's party, the rain had let up and the sun was breaking through the clouds. Everyone had a wonderful time, including Gracie and she got lots of nice gifts. Gracie is very lucky to have so many people who love her and take the time out of their busy schedules to come and celebrate her special day.

Gracie on her birthday morning

Jill and Gracie

Proud Grandpa

Gracie loves balloons. Here she is with Uncle Pete having a ball!

Is this balloon really for me???

Her very first present that she got to open. She loved the ribbon and forgot about the rest of the gift.

She was taking too long so her cousin Kevin decided to help out

One of the many cute outfits that Gracie received

Jerry went to grab Gracie's cake and it slid right off the plate it was on. Good thing it wasn't the real thing because it ended up with a big crack in it!!!

We had a Halloween theme for Gracie's birthday. Here is the beautiful cake that was made for her. It tasted pretty good too!

At first, Gracie wasn't sure about the cake

Do I like this or not???

She decided she did like the cake and so did the rest of her!

Are we almost done yet???

Gracie loves stuffed animals

I call this her China man face

Uncle Frank shares a special moment with Gracie

Too cute for words!!!!

Gracie now has 3 teeth and weighs around 19 pounds. She can say uh oh and daddy. When we say bye, bye, she waves and trys to say it. When we say yay Gracie, she starts to clap. She imitates everything we do and the other day, Jerry said daddy and pointed to himself, Gracie of course said daddy and pointed at herself! When she screams and I scream back, she starts grinning like it's the funniest thing. She can pull up on anything and cruises around the furniture. She puts everything in her mouth including but not limited to dog food, dog hair, paper, leaves (she's eaten two), and anything she can get her little hands on. She loves music and books.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie!!!

You are so precious to us Gracie. From the moment I held you in my arms, my life felt complete. I knew that you were the baby that was meant to be. Whenever I see your smile or watch you explore the world around you, my heart just melts and I feel so very blessed. I love that you learn something new everyday and there is not one day like the rest. I feel so lucky and wonder what I did to deserve such a sweet baby like you. Much love and birthday dreams to you.
Mom and Dad

Friday, October 12, 2007

It is now Saturday the 13th in China which means its Gracie’s first birthday there.

Dear Gracie’s Birth mom,

I am writing you this letter, a letter you will never see but something I wanted to do because I feel it’s important. Words alone cannot thank you enough for the beautiful gift you have given me, a daughter. A child that has been wanted so long in a family that though full of love, felt incomplete. Every time I hear Gracie’s infectious laugh, look at her lovely long toes, or just watch her sleep, I think of you and the sacrifice you had to make. I often wonder if you know that your daughter is in a loving home and I like to think that you do. I cry tears as I think of how sorrowful you must have been, knowing that you could only keep your daughter for a short time. I pray that someday, Gracie will know the unselfish act her birth mom, her other mom had to go through.