Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My little pumpkin and spidey

I can't believe that Halloween is almost over, it feels like it just begun. Gracie looked so cute in her costume and she got to go trick or treating three times (this worked out great because I was trying to get the extra mileage out of the costume)! She loved the candy and would look in her bucket everytime someone dropped a candy in it. She also liked to pick her own piece of candy and most of the time would go for the chocolate, just like her mommy. She had to carry around a piece of candy to at ALL times and when Jerry tried to trade it out for a safer one, just in case she put it in her mouth, she stubbornly pulled her hand away from him and refused to let go! She also had a blast shaking the Nerds as though they were rattles. At first, I felt guilty taking candy, knowing that Jerry and I were going to be the ones eating it but when we brought the bucket home, and I got a whiff of all the flavors, I giggled liked a school girl and forgot all about the guilt. I am so exhausted so here is one picture of my lil pumpkin and I will post more tomorrow. Happy haunting!


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute! I love that costume! Where did you get it? Enjoy the candy for now, 'cause when they grow up they don't like to share as much!

Jay & Angela said...

Hi, from Georgia! Gracie looks adorable in her pumpkin costume! Laney was a pumpkin too! :-)

Angela, Jay, and Laney

Anonymous said...

My daughter wore that same costume last year, and it was her first Halloween too! Your Gracie looks just as cute as my daughter did in it. Your daughter is adorable too! Thanks for sharing your pictures.