Friday, October 12, 2007

It is now Saturday the 13th in China which means its Gracie’s first birthday there.

Dear Gracie’s Birth mom,

I am writing you this letter, a letter you will never see but something I wanted to do because I feel it’s important. Words alone cannot thank you enough for the beautiful gift you have given me, a daughter. A child that has been wanted so long in a family that though full of love, felt incomplete. Every time I hear Gracie’s infectious laugh, look at her lovely long toes, or just watch her sleep, I think of you and the sacrifice you had to make. I often wonder if you know that your daughter is in a loving home and I like to think that you do. I cry tears as I think of how sorrowful you must have been, knowing that you could only keep your daughter for a short time. I pray that someday, Gracie will know the unselfish act her birth mom, her other mom had to go through.

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