Thursday, January 31, 2008

Determination = Success

Gracie has learned to adapt so well with her cast on, that it just amazes us. I took some pictures of her learning how to stand up and then finally walking. I can't believe that she is walking just as well as she would if she didn't have the cast. The doctor did say that when the cast comes off, which is tomorrow, yay, that Gracie will have a slight limp, just until she gets used to walking with two regular feet.

Almost up

Hang in there

Yay, she did it!!!

Just another daily stroll around the house

Hmmm, should I go for the dog food?

So happy to be walking


ginger said...

I think that Gracie is amazing! Hooray that she gets the cast off tomorrow! Hopefully things will return to normal around your house!

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

You go, Gracie!! I'm glad that she figured out how to get around with her cast on and the pictures are so cute. Glad she gets her cast off tomorrow. Keep us posted!

:-) Angela and Laneybug