Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Sweet Little Baby

Yesterday, Gracie and I were at the park. We had met another China mom, Karen and her daughter Kailee there. We were having lots of fun and decided to go down the slide. Gracie was on my lap and when we got to the bottom, somehow the rubber sole of her shoe, got stuck on the slide and her foot ended up twisted underneath her. She started crying hysterically but I thought it was because her hat had scraped her chin a little bit. She finally stopped but would not let me put her down or leave my lap. I could not figure out what was going on so I tried again to put her down to see if she wanted to walk. That's when I noticed, that she was favoring one of her feet. I took both shoes and socks off because I wasn't sure what ankle hurt (at the time I thought it was her ankle) but she didn't cry or wince as I felt around.

We ended up taking her to the doctor, who referred us for an x-ray. It turns out, Gracie has a fracture in her Tibia in the left leg. We went to the orthopedic Dr. today and he said that this type of fracture is quite common and it usually happens on a slide. He went on to say that Gracie needed to have a full leg cast to ease the pain and to prevent any further trauma to the leg. We got to pick a color out and naturally I decided on pink. So now, my little girl has a bright pink cast on her left leg and it needs to stay on for about 3 weeks. She can't walk with it although the doctor said she could but it's almost impossible and it also can't get wet which means sponge baths from daddy. I feel so badly for her and hope that she heals quickly. Throughout the whole thing, Gracie has been her happy, go-lucky self and I am so proud of her. Tomorrow, I will post a picture of my little trooper.


ginger said...

Poor baby! I am glad that she is going to be OK. How are you doing?

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Oh, that must have been traumatic for both of you! Praying that she heals quickly.

Karen and Bob said...

Tanya, I am so sorry for what happened to Gracie at the park! I guess our little girls are more fragile than what we think!