Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One Sick Puppy

I guess the saying is true, about raining and pouring because our poor doggy Wrigley went through some trauma this week too. He went in the Friday before last to get a mass removed. All was fine until he decided to lick the wound. He licked so hard, that some of his stitches came out. Jerry had to take Wrigley back to the vet, where they put some staples in. Think that deterred the dog? Nope, those came open too so Wrigley had to go back under and be stitched back up. The poor guy now has to wear a collar, a big bandage around his chest and leg, and a t-shirt just to make sure he doesn't get to his boo boo. Of course now, he wants attention all the time so at night, he has to sleep on our bed right between Jerry and I! Can you imagine sleeping with a 90 pound dog at your feet? Neither can we, but we do. Thank god, Jerry and I have a king size bed! I am happy to report, that both Gracie and Wrigley are on the mend.


ginger said...

Poor puppy! I am glad that they are doing better.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Wrigley!
I love your new look too.