Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gracie and the Wipes

No, the above title is not a new music group although it sounds like one! This morning, I was in the bathroom getting ready and Gracie was playing in her room. Well, she all of a sudden became super quiet. I knew she was up to something so I went in and the below pictures are what I saw. Gracie just looked at me like yes mom, what do you want and kept on playing. I had to leave the room and give giggle as it was so funny seeing her surrounded by her wipes. I laughed even more when I heard a snap and went back into her room and saw that she had closed the lid. I guess she was trying to be efficient. Anyway, I ended up having to make a Target run because that was her last box of wipes. At least she helped me clean them up and even threw some in the trash for me!
PS~ I love how her little legs are crossed.

I like how one is stuck to her foot!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Magic Blankie Game

Jerry loves playing with Gracie and he's always making new games up. This one is called The Magic Blankie Game. Jerry tells Gracie to go get her magic blankie which she does as she knows exactly where it's at. She then puts it on the floor for Jerry, okay he helps her put it down. She lays down on the blanket and he spins and spins her around and around. If you saw her flying around on the wood floor, you would be horrified and amazed at the same time as Gracie giggles and absolutely loves this game! Jerry and I always say it would make us throw-up if we were spinning that fast but it doesn't seem to phase Gracie at all. These pictures don't do it justice as to how fast she really goes!

Round and round she spins

No, this isn't really how Gracie fractured her leg!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm ready to get my cast off

I'm getting a little bit nervous

Don't let go mommy

Almost there...

Yay, it's off!!!

This is what was on my leg for so long?

I had to add this picture as I really like it. This is from the first time we went to the doctor and thought the cast would come off. I didn't even know Jerry had taken this picture until I uploaded the pictures from the camera. I think it beautifully captures a mother/ daughter moment.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gracie's Cast Comes Off

Last Tuesday, Gracie got her cast off. The technician had me hold her in my lap because he said that the saw would be loud and might scare Gracie. I was worried he was going to cut her or me! The tech explained the whole process and was very nice. Everybody in the room was watching Gracie because she was so little. My little bug watched the whole procedure and didn't cry one time. I was so proud of her. At the end, everybody clapped for her. Jerry videotaped and took pictures. The video is in two parts. The first one shows the saw cutting the cast and the second, the cast itself coming off. Gracie can walk on her leg but she still walks like she has the cast on. The doctor said it would take up to a month for her brain to re-program itself. Oh, he also said to stay away from slides for at least a month! :) I will post the pictures tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

We had a very quiet Valentine's Day yesterday. Last week, I started a new job working part-time at a library. I love it so far but I am more exhausted than usual and Jerry has been tired lately so we decided to pick up some food for dinner and eat it at home in our pajamas! Jerry gave me a gift card to a bookstore which we laughed about, since I am now around books all of the time but he also brought home a balloon for Gracie. She loves balloons and was very happy when she saw the one daddy bought for her. She walks all around the house with it and likes to give it kisses. I hope everyone had a great V day. Oh, Gracie did get her cast off on Tuesday, yay, and Jerry has video which I will post this weekend.

Is that for me??!!!

I love my balloon

Here Wrigley, I'll share with you

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, was the official start of the Chinese New Year. It should be a good year for me as it is the year of the rat, which is what I am. We had a quiet celebration and took Gracie to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants where everyone knows us and this past Saturday, we went to our local parade. We have a high population of Vietnamese in the city that we live in and we were lucky to not have to travel to far to see the parade as it was just around the corner from my dad's house. This was our first year attending and it was an interesting parade. We actually had a gentlemen thank us for coming! It was really hot that day, about 80* and Gracie didn't really understand what was going on but I enjoyed seeing the few floats they had and I especially liked the dragon dancers. Next year, Jerry and I are going to try to get to China Town in Los Angeles as there is a huge celebration there and we would even be able to walk in the parade!

PS~ You'll notice Gracie's cast is still on. That's because the Dr. wanted some more bone to grow before he took it. Gracie will get her cast off tomorrow. Yay!!!!

Ready for the parade

This area is known as "Little Saigon". They have almost all of the things that you could buy in China and Vietnam, minus the tiger paws!

Gracie was enthralled with this little girl's balloon and kept trying to touch it

The parade goers are holding the Vietnamese flag

Here comes the dragon!

We were told that if you touch the dragon, you will have good luck throughout the year. To entice the dragon over, people would hold out money and feed it through it's mouth.

Not quite sure what to think of the dragon but she ended up liking it

Instead of "Where's Waldo?", where's Gracie?!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trip to Grandma's

Last weekend, Gracie went over to Grandma's house and stayed for two nights while mommy and daddy went away for the weekend. Grandma lives right around the corner and was very kind to watch Gracie for us. I knew Gracie was in very good hands but it was still hard to leave her and I called every chance I could get. Gracie had tons of fun at Grandma's and we have pictures to prove it! Now, whenever Gracie does something new, I turn to Jerry and say that Grandma must have taught Gracie that!!! Thanks June for watching Gracie and being such a loving grandma.
P.S.~Gracie now has a fascination with toilet paper. You'll see why in the pictures below.

Something good must have been in that bowl, I'm dying to know what it was!

Hey Grandma, you forgot Gracie's pants!

Oooh, toilet paper

This is so much fun!

As Urkel used to say, Did I do that???