Monday, February 18, 2008

Gracie's Cast Comes Off

Last Tuesday, Gracie got her cast off. The technician had me hold her in my lap because he said that the saw would be loud and might scare Gracie. I was worried he was going to cut her or me! The tech explained the whole process and was very nice. Everybody in the room was watching Gracie because she was so little. My little bug watched the whole procedure and didn't cry one time. I was so proud of her. At the end, everybody clapped for her. Jerry videotaped and took pictures. The video is in two parts. The first one shows the saw cutting the cast and the second, the cast itself coming off. Gracie can walk on her leg but she still walks like she has the cast on. The doctor said it would take up to a month for her brain to re-program itself. Oh, he also said to stay away from slides for at least a month! :) I will post the pictures tomorrow.

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Mega Mom said...

What a trooper! I am so glad that your ordeal is finally over.