Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trip to Grandma's

Last weekend, Gracie went over to Grandma's house and stayed for two nights while mommy and daddy went away for the weekend. Grandma lives right around the corner and was very kind to watch Gracie for us. I knew Gracie was in very good hands but it was still hard to leave her and I called every chance I could get. Gracie had tons of fun at Grandma's and we have pictures to prove it! Now, whenever Gracie does something new, I turn to Jerry and say that Grandma must have taught Gracie that!!! Thanks June for watching Gracie and being such a loving grandma.
P.S.~Gracie now has a fascination with toilet paper. You'll see why in the pictures below.

Something good must have been in that bowl, I'm dying to know what it was!

Hey Grandma, you forgot Gracie's pants!

Oooh, toilet paper

This is so much fun!

As Urkel used to say, Did I do that???


Karen and Bob said...

So cute! Did Gracie get her cast off yet? Congrats on the new job. Let's get together soon...maybe go to Atlantis park?

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Thank heaven for Grandparents! Looks like Gracie had a blast with her Grandma!

The poem at the top of your blog is beautiful. I'll have to use that one in Laney's scrapbook. If I can ever find the time to start it... :-)

ginger said...

At least she isn't eating the toilet paper. I think Bailee thinks it is a new kind of fiber supplement! Can't go wrong with Ultra Soft Charmin.