Friday, March 28, 2008

My Crazy Girl

The other day, Gracie found a pair of sandals in her closet that I had bought for her. They are 1/2 a size too big so I was saving them until they fit. They are cute little lady bug sandals that go with her swim suit and cover up. When she saw them, she immediately went wild with excitement and tried to put them on her feet. She insisted that I put them on her and how could I resist her little face. It was so cute and funny watching her clomp around the house in her pjs and sandals, I had to get it on video. As I was putting away some of her things, one of the items was her winter hat. She spotted it and insisted that I put it on her head! So here was my crazy daughter, with her rainbow pajamas, ladybug sandals and a winter hat. She looked just like a hippie and I could not stop laughing. Gracie brings so much joy into my life, I just can't describe it.

Here are another pair of sandals she found later in the day and once again wanted these put on. I think she likes sandals so much because she sees me wearing flip flops all of the time.

Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter. Gracie got lots of stuffed animals and more candy than you can imagine. She even got to eat a Peppermint Patty and some bunny ears for breakfast. On Saturday night, Jerry put together this really cute bike/stroller for Gracie that I bought in China. My friend Natalie and I spotted the bike inside a toy store and we both had to have one. The store only had one so we had to wait about 45 minutes for them to bring another over. After getting the bike and putting straps on the box so we could carry it, the bikes wouldn't fit in the taxi! We finally figured out a way to squish 3 adults, two bikes, and one child into the car. Jerry and Don, Natalie's husband thought Natalie and I were crazy and Jerry even wanted to leave the bike in China. No way was I doing that, so we hauled it to the airport, and all the way back home. Poor Jerry had a heck of a time putting the bike together as all the directions were in Chinese and the front wheel frame was bent, but he prevailed and now Gracie has the prettiest bike on the block!

Trust me, Jerry was not THIS happy while he was putting the bike together

Look who hopped onto Gracie's bike

Gracie's reaction to her Easter basket and bike

She was so excited, she ran away, down the hall

Already digging into the candy, a girl after my own heart

Booty shot

Uncle Frank tossing the salad


Aunt Debbie and Uncle Peter got Gracie a pop-up book. She liked kissing the pop-ups

Friday, March 21, 2008

Coloring Eggs

Yeah so I know, not such a great idea but at the time, I thought oh what fun it will be to color eggs with Gracie. I mean how hard could it be right? Even though the box stated for ages 5 and up, I figured well I will be supervising and that warning is just so the kids don't drink the dye or anything yucky like that. First off, I am not a gourmet cook. I can do simple things and follow recipe directions very well and I've boiled eggs in the past for egg salad so piece of cake right. I guess I kind of forgot to time the eggs and a few of them cracked. Okay, almost all cracked. I still had enough to salvage so I wasn't too concerned. I knew I should have followed a recipe for boiling eggs. I cooled off the eggs, mixed my colors and got Gracie ready to go. Plop went the first egg and plop went Gracie's hand into the blue dye. Jerry needed to stop his home improvement project and come over to finish the eggs. Do you know how hard it is to get a 17 month old to draw with a wax crayon on such a small surface? Anyway, eggs were done and mommy was patting herself on the back because the eggs turned out fairly decent and mommy decided to put them on her lap in the carton so Gracie could come over and see the finished project when squash, all the eggs fell off of my lap and onto the tile floor. What was left of the semi-decent sort of cracked eggs are now completely cracked unsalvagable eggs. The family is still getting their eggs because hey, they were done by a 17 month old right?! ;)

This looks interesting

Trying so hard to touch the egg but not quite there

Helping mommy decorate the egg with the wax crayon

Halfway through, Gracie got bored and decided to look for something more exciting to do!

The finished product before the mishap

Gracie helped mommy pick up the eggs from the floor

All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put the eggs back together again

Gracie helped pick out stickers for each egg. I asked her which one and she would point at the sticker she liked.

I dyed easter eggs and all I got was these lousy blue fingernails. At least they match my dress!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monkey Girl

Gracie recently picked up a fascination for climbing on everything. It started with her climbing on her toys and some boxes, progressed to the fireplace hearth, and now she can climb up the stairs at the park. The other night after her bath Jerry had finished dressing her and all of a sudden she broke loose, scaled the foot rest of her glider and pop was in the chair before Jerry and I could blink. She reached out and got her book that was on the stand that I read to her at night and looked at us like okay, I'm ready. It was so funny and Jerry and I couldn't stop laughing. She now has an obsession with that chair and climbs up on it and grabs her book any chance she can get. I caught pictures and video of her yesterday, reading her book.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Atlantis Park

I am so behind in my blogging. I started a part-time job about a month ago and it seems to have taken up a lot of my time. Even though I am only working 17 hours, it's very hard to balance having a baby, taking care of the house, and working. Jerry recently got a job offer that has enabled me to be able to stay home and be a full-time mommy to Gracie which means I put in my 2 weeks notice and Tuesday is my last day so I will have more time for all the things that I have been wanting to do. I am so excited and lucky that I get to be with my baby girl all the time. Jerry is such a good daddy and provider for his family.

A couple weeks ago, Gracie and I hung out with Karen and her beautiful daughter Kailee at a park by our house. Atlantis Park has been around forever and I remember my mom taking me as a little girl and going down the dragon slide. Gracie is still too little for that but she and Kailee had lots of fun doing other things. By coincidence, Karen and Kailee live right around the corner and Karen even used the same adoption agency that we did. I feel so blessed to have them in our lives. Here are some pictures from when we went.

Kailee having fun on the slide. She loved it and kept going on it over and over again!

Kailee was chasing Gracie around the tables and Gracie loved it.

Swinging Fun

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Look Who Hopped Into Town

The Easter Bunny!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


When Ginger was here, she showed me how to put Gracie's hair in pigtails. She was even nice enough to give us hairbands in every color! I am so happy that Gracie's hair is finally long enough to hold her little tails. Her pigtails look like two little palm trees and I think they look adorable on Gracie.

Love this pose

Sticking her tongue out

Done with getting her picture taken.