Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monkey Girl

Gracie recently picked up a fascination for climbing on everything. It started with her climbing on her toys and some boxes, progressed to the fireplace hearth, and now she can climb up the stairs at the park. The other night after her bath Jerry had finished dressing her and all of a sudden she broke loose, scaled the foot rest of her glider and pop was in the chair before Jerry and I could blink. She reached out and got her book that was on the stand that I read to her at night and looked at us like okay, I'm ready. It was so funny and Jerry and I couldn't stop laughing. She now has an obsession with that chair and climbs up on it and grabs her book any chance she can get. I caught pictures and video of her yesterday, reading her book.


Karen and Bob said...

Cute! It is so fun when they start climbing--not! That looks like Goodnight Moon. I read that to Kailee before her nap each day...though she has not napped the last two days! She was in her crib, just didn't sleep.

Mom of Three said...

Boo is the exact same way. If she can get to something by climbing or walking around, climbing wins!