Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun with Friends

When you adopt a child, not only do you gain a precious son/daughter but you also gain lifelong friends. This is the case with Ginger and I. We met on the Internet, before we went to China and we haven't missed a beat since. Our daughters are both from the same orphanage. We were very lucky to have Ginger and her family come and visit and it was so fun seeing the girls together again and meeting her other two children. Before I knew it, our time together ended much too quickly. Jerry and I are hoping to visit T and G and their kids this summer as we miss them already!

B's squishy face

Having fun at BJs Pizza

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

Do you know what's going on? No, do you?

Of course we had to get pictures with Mickey dressed up for Chinese New Year

Gem having fun on the cars

Little Man not so thrilled!

Gracie looked too cute in between us on the car ride

I love how they both have their fingers in their mouths. Ginger made the girl's headbands and Mickey is in the center!

Gracie's favorite ride. She had a smile on her face the whole time!

Two tired girls

B loves pooh

Jerry didn't want this posted. Too bad!! :)

Ginger brought an extra matching outfit for Gracie. The girls looked so cute dressed like twins.

Jumping for froggy

How cute is her squishy face?

Gracie put herself in a time out! Just kidding, she likes this corner for some reason.

From front to back, Ginger's hubby, Gem, Little Man and Jerry. I love Tall Man's (Ginger's hubby) face.


Karen and Bob said...

Aaah, it looks like you guys had so much fun. The girls look adorable...love the headbands. There is no way Kailee would ever wear one!

Did you get my email about Friday? I sent it from my phone. Let's talk soon.

Anonymous said...

How Fun!
Seeing the girls together makes me miss them so much!! They look adorable matching.
Did you post on the Yahoo site... I think you should.
Miss Ya! Natalie

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

How cute are those two! Love the matching outfits! I agree with Natalie, those pictures should go on the Yahoo site. :-)

Mega Mom said...

How great are those photos! We miss you all ready too. TM and I are all ready trying to find a time to come back and spend a lot longer. Has Jerry recovered from cleaning out the trailer? Thanks for posting the pic's!