Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gym Class

On Fridays I have been taking Gracie to a mommy and me gym class through a city program. It has been a lot of fun and Gracie has really grown and learned so much. My friend Karen brings her daughter Kailee too and the girls get to have some play time together. This past Friday, was Gracie's test and graduation day. It's not a real test of course, the teacher just had the kids go through some of the things that they learned while in class and at the end, there was a party with lots of food! Throughout class, Gracie kept going over to the food table and trying to climb on the chairs to grab some of the brownies! Gracie definitely knows about the important things in life, like chocolate!

Also, this past Wednesday, I took Gracie to get evaluated because I was worried about her speech. It was free and done through the county and the service was fantastic. There was a speech, physical, and occupational therapist there. They played with Gracie and asked me different kinds of questions. At the end, they let me know how Gracie is doing and if she qualifed for any services, such as speech. They said that Gracie is doing fantastic and didn't qualify for services which is a good thing. The therapists told me that Gracie is very bright and as a good memory. She is above average on her gross motor skills which is jumping etc. (I attribute that to gym class) and the speech therapist which is what I was worried about, said that Gracie is doing fine and progressing nicely as she is mimicking sounds, can say words, and point to things in books. Even though Gracie doesn't say the ending sound of a lot of words, that is normal for this age. They did say that Gracie was a little bit behind in her fine motor skills which is doing things such as grasping, putting a peg in a hole etc. but they said Gracie will catch up quickly. So now, all my family and friends can say a big I told you so because they all kept telling me not to worry. But hey, I'm a mom and part of my job is to worry, at least just a little bit . :)

Here is Gracie, anxious to get her stamp. The teacher tells all the kids to come to the rug and it's very cute because all of the kids run over and find a spot. Gracie arrived just a little bit early as she loves getting her stamp.

Gracie's teacher helping her to balance

Graduation day!!

Proud of her certificate

Of course cookies, cheese, and oranges go together


Mom of Three said...

That looks like so much fun. She is quite an incredible little girl!

Bill and Bobbie said...

i love the tunnel picture...shes getting so big..its hard to believe its been almost a year!

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Gym class sounds like a lot of fun. She looks so cute holding her certificate like a big girl. :-)

Great news about her evaluation.