Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Dad's Day

I am a day late in posting this but I haven't felt like posting much lately and I've been pretty busy.

Yesterday, was a good Father's Day for Jerry. Last year on Dad's Day, we were two days away from getting Gracie. It's hard to believe it's almost been a year. When we were waiting for Gracie, Jerry didn't express his emotion as much as I did. Whenever I asked him about children, he told me he wanted them very badly and that was pretty much the extent of it. I was the one who vented all my frustrations, and checked the message boards constantly, while he remained calm. I remember the day we got Gracie's referral, Jerry who is a computer geek, could not remember how to save a picture to the computer! He kept asking me over and over, how do you do it, even though he had done it a thousand times. In China, on Gracie's gotcha day, he was very nervous and when he finally held Gracie alone for that first moment, he ended up breaking down and bawling his head off. I'm sure he doesn't want that story told but hey, he never reads this blog that much anyway!

Jerry is a very good daddy to Gracie and she loves him very much. Gracie always yells out daddy, daddy, every morning and I have to tell her that he is at work. On the days he is home and he hears her up, he shouts from our room to hers, I love you Gracie and she shouts right back, not saying those words but it sure sounds like it. After I go and get her from her room, she runs into ours yelling daddy, daddy and wants me to help her onto the bed so she can see him. Jerry is awesome and I feel very lucky to have him. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Dad's Day, whether you are one or not.

Gracie loves helping Jerry in the yard

Here are your sunglasses daddy

Not sure if you can read her shirt, but it says my daddy rocks because he does of course!

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Mom of Three said...

That is a very sweet story about Jerry. I will never forget when they put Gracie in your arms. Jerry was so excited he was bouncing around. Happy Father's Day!