Wednesday, July 30, 2008


No, I am not talking about Gracie and no, I am not pregnant! I am talking about Gracie's baby. Recently, Gracie decided that she liked baby dolls. A few months ago, she would push them away when I tried to give one to her and she didn't want to have anything to do with a doll. All of a sudden, she decided they were okay and started liking to feed her doll and putting lotion on it. She also points at every child we see, 3 and under and shouts baby!! The other moms get a chuckle out of it, because sometimes, Gracie is younger than the child she is pointing at.

I recently decided to buy Gracie one of those cheap little strollers so she could push her doll in it. We gave it to her tonight and she loved it! She went around and around the backyard, pushing her baby. When we told her it was time to come in, she started crying and saying no, no. We brought her in for bathtime, and Jerry took her doll. Poor Gracie cried and said my baby so of course, we had to give her the baby back. Gracie would not let go of her doll and when Jerry brought Gracie to me, she had the doll tucked tightly in her arms and was patting it, like she was comforting her baby. She finally gave the doll up, when it was bottle time. Gracie is now sleeping soundly without her baby but we will see what happens tomorrow morning.

Out for a nice stroll

Checking to make sure her baby is secure

Time to give baby a kiss. One of several might I add

Baby looks like she's doing good

Taking the time to say cheese and pose for the camera

Just ho humming along


Bill and Bobbie said...

Shes just too cute! leah has a doll stroller also..she rides in it..cracks me up
Love gracies little piggy tails and dress..such a happy little girl :)

Karen and Bob said...

Too cute! Kailee has one of the strollers too. We'll have to let the girls take their babies for a walk. Kailee sits in hers and rolls around the family room. I am not crazy about that!

See you tomorrow hopefully!

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

How cute is that?! I really like the picture of her kissing her baby doll.

Laney uses her doll stroller to chase our dog, Molly, around.