Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up

Once again, I seem to have fallen behind in my blogging. I have lots of pictures that I have taken over the last couple of months, and haven't posted them which means that I am going to try to play catch up because I have some really cute pictures of Gracie. Of course, I could always stop taking so many pictures but what fun would there be in that?! :) Below, are pictures that I took in the beginning of June. It was a hot day and Gracie, Jerry, and I were out in the front yard playing around. I especially love the pictures of Gracie by the tree as she loves to go and look at the leaves. You'll also notice our grass in the pictures which Jerry is very proud of. He mows it at least once a week, sometimes twice. He claims he doesn't like to mow, but I secretly think it relaxes him. Sometimes, he even puts golf balls on the lawn, to make it look like a golf course!!!

Gracie is fascinated with my hair and loves to play with it which she is doing in this picture


Bill and Bobbie said...

shes getting so big..shes adorable and so is her dress! Bill hates to mow..i think that is why he loves winter so much :)

Mom of Three said...

I wish that we could have a lawn that looked liked that! Gracie's hair is getting so long. Pretty girls!

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Very cute pictures! Gracie looks so pretty in that dress.

Your yard is very pretty and green. Good work Jerry!

Bill and Bobbie said...

your blog is so not sure how you did it..but it looks great :)