Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bahamas and Bubbles

The other day, Jerry was outside in the yard with Gracie while I was cooking dinner. He was blowing bubbles with her and then decided that he was going to teach Gracie how to blow them. She picked it up right away and does an awesome job blowing the bubbles. She loves bubbles and runs around, saying "ubble, ubble". It's very cute! I caught her blowing the bubbles on video which is below.

On a side note, we are leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow. We will be gone for a week and I am really looking forward to it. I am a bit nervous for the flight as Gracie will be on my lap but we did buy a portable dvd player and I am bringing all of her videos so hopefully, that will keep her occupied. Ironically, the in-flight movie they are showing is "Kung Fu Panda" which is the very first movie I ever took Gracie too. We won't be bringing the laptop as I am trying to pack light (ha ha) so I am not going to blog while we are there. As soon as I get back, I will do a day by day picture theme. See you in a week!


Karen and Bob said...

Very cute! I think when Kailee was Gracies age she was still trying to eat the wand!

Have a wonderful trip...we'll miss you guys. See you when you return.

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Cute! Have a super vacation!