Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bahamas Part 4

Having fun in the sand

Check out all the sand in her hair

Building sand castles with Daddy

The sand was very sticky in the Bahamas and it tooks days to get it out of Gracie's hair.

These pictures were take one after the other. Check out the surprised look on Gracie's face as the wave hits her feet

Another beautiful sunset

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Karen and Bob said...

Oh, that beach and sand look so much nicer than the beach we were at the other day! I'd rather have sticky than mud! We had fun...let's do it again soon. I ordered a chair umbrella. :-)

Well, the rail is back up on Kailee's bed! Still tough to get her to go to sleep tonight...hopefully she'll sleep through the night. She has spent the last three nights in our bed. We don't want her to get too use to that!