Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bahamas Pictures Part 1

Well, we made it back from our trip in one piece. I am just happy that we made it to the Bahamas. Our red eye flight going there was very crappy. The flight attendants sucked and gabbed the whole time and chewed their gum. They came by once and when I asked if they could heat Gracie's bottle they said they had no way of doing so and didn't offer any alternative, unlike the nice flight attendant who did coming back. Jerry was sitting directly behind me and couldn't really help me with Gracie so I was squished in the window seat and could not move, without waking Gracie so, my poor ankle ended up swelling up. When we got to Atlanta, we had a couple of hours to kill before our next flight and I ordered some iced tea. I didn't realize it was sweet tea and I did not like it at all! It tasted very grainy, like someone had poured tons of sugar in it. For the rest of our trip, I made sure to order regular tea, not the sweatened kind.

On to the happy stuff. We boarded our flight to the Bahamas and I was very excited. Jerry had a window seat and could see the water turn from dark blue, to the purest color ever. When we landed, we went to the hotel and checked into our room. WOW, what a beautiful view. I am so glad that I paid the extra money for a water view with a balcony. We stayed at the Atlantis resort which was stunning. There were tons of pools, water slides, aquariums, and beautiful beaches. The resort itself was very pricey, can you say $10 for a panini sandwhich and $3.50 for a small milk but we didn't eat at the hotel very much and saved money that way.

Gracie loved, loved, loved the water and would cry when we took her out. She would say, no, wa wa and point. There was a kid's area called Splashers with a little red slide that ended up in a pool of water and she loved going down it. One time, she literally went down about 15 times! For some reason, we failed to take pictures of her going down the slide. I'm not quite sure what happened there. Gracie also like the aquariums but for some reason, a couple of days into our trip, she was afraid of them and when we tried to show her the sharks and fish she would say no, no, go. Gracie also ended up sleeping between Jerry and I for 5 out of the 6 nights we were there, instead of the crib which was actually pretty nice since she sleeps in her own crib at home.

Since we took so many pictures, I am going to post just a few at a time since it will take forever to post a bunch at once. There would have been more pictures, but we realized two days into our trip, that we forgot the card for our nicer camera and all the pictures that we had taken on it, were in demo mode!! There must be a lot of people who forget their picture cards because they sold them at the hotel for $80!!! Instead, we opted to go into Nassau and pay only $25.

Oh, we also ran into about 7 families who had girls adopted from China. It was amazing that we ran into that many families and was good to talk to them about where their girls were from.

Getting ready for the 2nd time to go on our trip

Gracie is all smiles after getting some rest on the plane, whereas I look exhausted because I was!

I hate flying (remeber the Xanax post) so wasn't too thrilled to be on this tiny plane for 2 hours. I kept an ear out for any little sign of trouble

Getting closer to the Bahamas. You can see the change of water color here

No, our camera isn't taking a bad picture. The lighting in the Bahama's aiport was horrible. Everything looked green and it was difficult finding the suitcases as the lighting changed them completely different colors.

On the way to the hotel

Our beautiful view from our room

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Mom of Three said...

It looks beautiful! A good beach can do a lot to soothe a tired soul (even if it was caused by the trip there!).