Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bahamas Pictures Part 3

You're probably getting sick of our vacation pictures by now but I still have about 3 more posts worth! The pictures below are the aquarium shots. It was very cute because when Gracie saw the jellyfish in the dark, and they were all lit up, she pointed and said bubble, bubble!

Gracie and I in something called the dig. It was an underground aquarium that was set to look like the sunken Atlantis. Gracie got scared because it was dark and there were noises playing. I had to hold her most of the time and she kept saying, no, no, go.

I love the look on my face. I was telling Jerry to stop taking pictures and look at the huge ray that was swimming above us.

This picture does not do the ray justice. It's wingspan must have been literally 5 feet across. It was awesome!

Gracie refusing to look

Poor girl, she just wanted to get out of there and not look at anymore fish, sharks, turtles, rays, or anything else that lived in salt water.

Finally, a smile for daddy. Do you notice the drool from her mouth? We think Gracie is teething again, preparing for her 2 year molars.

Yep, I am studying the map intently. That place was huge!!

This is the shark tank. I don't know if you noticed it but if you look in the background, there is a clear square tube going through the tank. There is a tube ride that at the end of it, takes you slowly through this tank and you can see the sharks swimming all around you. It goes super slow and I kept paddling to book my way out of there because hey, I saw shark week on Discovery Channel.

I like the effect of the fish in the background in this picture that I took of Jerry.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun for all of you. Wish we were there!!

Mom of Three said...

OK, now I really need to get myself to a beach. It looks absolutely beautiful there, and you all look so relaxed. Since it is freezing here today, keep those nice ocean pictures coming!