Sunday, August 03, 2008

The best laid plans....

I am a planner. I'll admit that I can be a little bit controlling at times, when it comes to vacations. I like to know what type of plane I am going to be on, where I will be sitting, what snacks I need to bring, etc. I also do thorough research on our vacation destinations, meticoulously scouring the messages boards for any type of information I can get as to which hotel to stay at and what the best deals are. Well this morning, all of my fine Bahama planning went out the window. Right now, I should be getting off of a plane, getting ready to sip a nice tropical drink instead, Jerry is napping and I am typing this blog post.

When I called Delta, they told me that for my flight, I should arrive at the airport 1 hour early which I did. When we got to LAX, the lines were huge and the lovely customer service baggage person, told us for the international flight, we had to stand in a certain line. So Jerry and I waited in the never-ending throng of people for about 20 minutes. Standing in that line, we were sure to miss our flight. I guess it didn't matter either way because another worker came up to us and asked if we were on the 6:10am flight which we told her we were and she informed us that we could go to the self-check in kiosk. When we got to the Kiosk, the person behind the counter scanned our documents then took the passports. She came back and informed us that we could not check in because we weren't there 45 minutes ahead of time and then she pointed us to the courtesy phone to get things straightened out. At the time, I didn't have my cell phone handy so I didn't have a clue as to what time it was. I found out later, that we missed the 45 minute deadline by 2 minutes!!! Yep, 2 minutes!!

To make a very long story short, we missed our flight as the courtesy phone lady could do nothing for us but offer to book the red eye, so dad had to come all the way back and pick us up. We went home and tried to figure out this mess. Thank god I had already taken a Xanax thinking I was going to be flying soon because it made me calmer then I probably would have been. So now, we are booked on a new flight tonight, on a smaller plane, and seats that aren't even next to each other. Oh, and thanks to the good people at Delta, (being sarcastic here) they didn't even charge us for the flight change. Wasn't that ever so nice of them. :)

PS~ On a positive note, Jerry told me to cram everything into two suitcases which I did, but when he weighed one, it was over so now I get to bring another one and avoid the $80 overweight fee!


Jay, Angela & Laney said...

What a mess! Hoping you're sipping those tropical drinks soon!

Karen and Bob said...

That must of been some strong Xanax you took, because I would be fuming!

A little delay until you're in paradise. On the bright side, maybe Gracie will sleep the whole way there.

Mom of Three said...

I guess you are looking at the bright side. $80 can go a long way in the Bahamas. Here's to a relaxing vacation from this point on!

Anonymous said...

LOL! OH Tanya, you always put a smile on my face when I read some of your entry's!
I hope you have a blast!