Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, it's that time of year again. The time that our Disneyland passes are valid again and we get to go to one of my favorite places. Last week, we met Karen, Kailee, Christy, Mia, Christy's two sons, nieces, and sister for a fun time at D-Land. I didn't take very many pictures, not sure what I was thinking but I did manage to capture one or two and some video. It was really hot and crowded but we managed to sweat it out and have a good time anyway.

We decided that this time around, we were going to stay for the fireworks show and when it was a few minutes before the show, the great planners that we are, decided to find a seat. The place was packed and we walked in a circle and there wasn't a spot to be had. Christy stopped and asked one of the workers a question and I very loudly, in front of another worker, said to Karen, "What happened to the good old days when one could just stand in any spot and watch the fireworks?". The nice worker who I didn't know at the time but was a fireworks lead, asked if we were lost. We told him no but that we couldn't find a spot. He said follow me and took us to the most sweetest, prime viewing spot that I have ever been to, right in front of the magic castle. Christy couldn't believe it and kept asking the guy if he was serious that we could watch the fireworks from that spot!

I felt kind of funny because I could see people staring at us, wondering who we knew and I really felt like I should have tipped the guy $100 because that's how great this location was. Anyway, Gracie ended up being afraid of the fireworks and fell asleep towards the end, but mommy sure enjoyed them!

PS~ Apparently, this is a special fireworks show, in honor of D-Land's 50th birthday.

Love this picture of Mia and Gracie waiting patiently for the teacups, Gracie's favorite ride.

During the fireworks show, the castle turned different colors, depending upon the theme. If you look closely, you can see the castle has stripes on it.

First she's looking

Then she's not

The tiny object flying across the screen, is Tinkerbell. She flies across the park from the Matterhorn and back again.


Anonymous said...

How Fun. I love the pictures of Gracie with her blankie!

Karen and Bob said...

That was so much fun! Gotta go again soon.

William said...

looks like a blast..i wanna go too :)

Mom of Three said...

What a great spot! We loved the fireworks too, when we saw them, although I think you got a way better view. Gotta love Disneyland!