Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is my lasting posting of pictures from my Bahama's trip. It's hard to believe that we were only there for 5 full days. I do have a tendancy to take way too many pictures. Poor Gracie is so tired of me telling her to say cheese that she doesn't even want her picture taken anymore!

PS~ For some reason, everytime I create something in Photoshop for my blog, it always seems to turn out small, even though it looks bigger in Photoshop. I don't know if it's blogger re-adjusting the image but to see it larger, just click on the picture itself.


Bill and Bobbie said...

love, love, love the piggy tails..shes too cute

Karen and Bob said...

Cute pictures even if she is crying!

Sorry about Kailee's 'tude last night at dinner. It sure made it hard to have a conversation with you and Jerry...though him and Bob seemed to have no problem. I am pretty sure it is from lack of sleep. She wasn't much better when we got home. She did sleep about 6 hours in her own bed last night...I think that's a record these days. Hopefully she'll be better today!

Christy said...

love all your bahama shots. they are beautiful!!! i totally get what you are saying about missing teaching. I taught 10 years ago for 4 years and I totally loved it when I taught but when Ethan came around 10 years ago I found my part time school psych job and have been there going on 11 years this year. Every year when school starts I get sad not to that that direct contact with my own class. I use to love th ebeginning of the year and even yesterday I was missing it.

Gracie looks adorable!!!

Chrisyt :)

Mom of Three said...

I think that the scrapbook pages look great! I hope that I didn't frustrate you yesterday with all the changes. Can't wait!