Friday, August 29, 2008

Japanese and Italian Mixed into One

Last weekend, we celebrated Dad's birthday on Saturday and on Sunday, went out to dinner with Karen, Kailee, and Bob. Dinner for Dad's birthday was at his favorite italian restaurant, Mama Cozzas. We are all tired of the food but it's the only place around where Dad can get free anisette which is a liquor that tastes like liquorice. None of us really like anisette except for Dad so we all get the freebie they give and he puts it in his coffee. Plus, it's the only restaurant that Dad likes for italian food and that's saying a lot considering my grandparents are from Italy!

On Sunday, Karen called and asked if we wanted to go eat Japanese food with she and her family. We jumped at the chance and went to Kobe. We sat at the teppan bar and it was great. The girls were mesmorized by watching the chef cook in front of them and Kailee, Karen's daughter was a whiz at the chopsticks. I have to admit, Kailee is better than I am at using them. The food was fantastic and I even got a video of the chef firing up the grill.

Left to right, Uncle Frank, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Peter, and Dad's nose

Gracie studying a picture I gave to Dad of she and Dad at the park.

Poor Jerry, had to take a self portrait

Awww, too cute. Pete isn't really a USC fan, but he owns his own business welding and he did some work for USC in their restaurant so I had to give him this hat and tease him about it.

Gracie giving gampa a kiss goodnight. This was about the 10th picture we took, trying to get it perfect.

Left to right, Bob, Karen, Kailee, Gracie, and Jerry

The onion volcano, yummy

Video from the restaurant


Karen and Bob said...

I don't think I realized you were video taping it! Dinner was yummy. Thanks for going with us. I stole the picture above with all of us.

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

Looks like two fun nights out! Gracie is getting so big. She's so cute!

Mom of Three said...

That looks both yummy and fun! We need to try a Japanese restraunt too.