Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Bahamas

I am almost done with my Bahama's picture. I am getting tired of posting them and I'm sure you are done looking. When we went to the Atlantis, they had tons of waterslides. Unforuntately, Gracie was too young to go on them but there were a few that she was allowed on. In the first set of pictures, this was a "bigger" slide that Gracie was allowed on. There was a series of two slides. One going into a smaller pool and then this one which went into the big pool. Jerry and I would take turns going down the slide with Gracie. She absolutely loved it and would point and say "side", "side". Jerry and I were laughing, because in the very last picture, it looks like Gracie is alone in the pool as I am underneath the water, trying to hold Gracie up!

In these pictures, Gracie has on an outfit that I bought her in Nassau. I couldn't resist buying it as it looked really cute on the hanger, and cuter on her. It has the words Bahamas printed on the outfit and she looks just like an island girl. In the pictures, Gracie is holding a Twizzler. She somehow had gotten into them and refused to let it go when I tried to take it away. That is why she is holding the candy in most of the pictures.

Silly me, I tried to take away the Twizzler

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