Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country in the City

On Friday, we started a new class through our community recreation program. The class is called "Fun with Horses" and every Friday for four weeks, the kids get to feed chicks, learn about different farm animals, do arts and crafts, and get a pony ride at the end of each class. Gracie loves animals and pony rides inparticular, so I decided to sign her up for the class. My friend Karen and her daughter Kailee, also attend. It's really great for the girls to learn about a real farm, right in the heart of the city, next to the freeway!!! Gracie was a little nervous and wanted me to hold her for most of the class but she did pet the chicks, feed the ponies and lovedthe pony ride at the end. I don't have any pictures of the pony ride, but hopefully next week, I will have some.

I also have lots of Colorado pictures that I need to post, I still need to go through and decide which ones to put on the blog.


Christy said...

How totally cute!! What a totally cool class to have through the community center. I want that!!!!Hay, when the class is over maybe you guys can come visit my sisterinlaws farm. It is really fun in the fall-- come in October!!!

Hope to see you soon and love the pics-- Gracie and Kaylee are adorable!!!!

Christy :)

Mom of Three said...

That sounds like a really fun class. It is a great way to get surrounded by the fun fall things as well! Cute pics!