Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy September

Yay, September is finally here! I am so happy because fall is coming and my favorite holiday, Halloween is just around the corner. I love when the air is crisp and the sun is shining. Where I live, we don't really have a lot of trees with changing leaves and it does stay hot through October but on those rare days when fall shows it's beautiful head, I am as happy as can be.

I've also changed my blog again. I've decided that I am going to change it every month, to coincide with whatever holiday is coming up. I am never satisfied with how it looks though and wish I were more artistic and better with Photoshop.

In the pictures below, Gracie is having fun outside with her blanket. Sometimes in the morning, when I go outside to throw away the trash, Gracie will follow me and play around for a little while in her pajamas in the backyard. This particular day was one of those days and Gracie kept taking the blanket and throwing it over her head. She loves to put things on her head, especially her blanket and tries to walk around the house. Unfortunately, she often runs into the walls but she never hurts herself.

Looking at herself in the window

I told you she likes to put things on her head. She emptired her book box and stuck it over her noggin.


Mom of Three said...

I love the new blog. I can't wait for you to fancy mine up again! Cute pic's of Gracie!!!

William and Bobbie said...

thats too cute
btw..love the blog..cant even imagine how you do that

Karen and Bob said...

Cute pics, cute Gracie, cute blog.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I tried doing another blog and 1/2 way gave up. I think you are very talented. I can't even get mine going!
Gracie looks so cute.