Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was our court date for our re-adoption. It is not a requirement to re-adopt in CA but in order for Gracie to have a CA birth certificate and for inheritance purposes, we went ahead and paid the $20 to have it done. It was a fairly painless process and in about 12 months, we will receive her new certificate. The judge was really nice and the process went quickly. It was cute because Gracie kept saying no, everytime the bailiff, turned picture taker would snap a shot. When the judge asked if anybody had any objections to the adoption, he turned to Gracie and said, okay, now you can answer! Of course she said no!! So, Gracie is officially ours for the second time and we can now say that we don't have any more requirements left for Gracie's adoption.

Swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but

This reminds me of signing paperwork in China for Gracie's adoption except Gracie is awake, bigger, and we aren't in China!

We all look super happy in this picture except Ms. Gracie

Woo hoo, it's over

Running back to the car with Uncle Pete

Grandpa and me

When we got home, Gracie decided to put my shoes on

Can you believe she got them on correctly and could walk in 2 inch heels?

All prim and proper in her chair


Karen and Bob said...

Congrats on the re-adoption!!! yay! Same judge :-)

Gracie looks beautiful...that is a great color on her. I see you decided to go with the pigtails.

Christy said...

Congrats on the readoption!!! That was a big deal to us and I am soooo glad we did it. Actually, we did the readopt last Feb or MArch (cant remember) and her birth certificate came in the mail a few weeks ago-- it took forever but now that we have it-- yipeeee!!!!

Love Gracie in the pics. She looks sooooo cute!! I love that dress on her-- too cute.


Christy :)

William and Bobbie said...

congrats..she looked beautiful..little girls learn fast on heels..leah has a pair of princess heels she wears all the time

Beverly said...

so cute. congrats on the readopt thing.

Mom of Three said...

Love the dress that Gracie is wearing! I wish it were easy for us to re-adopt, but we will be done soon. Congratulations on another happy day!!!

Natalie said...

She is so beautiful. The dress is darling! I want one just like that for E. Congrats