Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This Time Last Year

I was going through some pictures and I came upon these that were taken around this time last year. I can't believe how little Gracie looks in them. I see her every day and it's amazing to me, how much her little face has changed. One thing that hasn't changed is her cute little chubby cheeks and rosebud lips.

On another note, tomorrow we are going to Colorado to visit our friends G and T and their kids. B is from the same orphanage that Gracie is and we are very excited to see them. On Sunday, we are also going to go and visit our friend Natalie and her two girls. Elliana is also from Gracie's orphanage. It's going to be a fun and special trip as I think it's so important for the girls to keep in touch as they have known each other since birth. I won't be taking the laptop but when I come back, will have lots of fun pictures to post.

Look at that flexibility

If you click on the picture, you can see Gracie's one lone tooth. It's so cute!

I was taking these pictures for a possible Christmas card cover for last year

One of Daddy's crazy hair styles

Too cute helping Jerry file!


William and Bobbie said...

all the girls are getting so big and their birthdays are just around the corner!! enjoy your trip..maybe a few years from now we can plan a reunion for the entire travel group

Mom of Three said...

We can't wait to see you tonight! I can't believe how much Gracie has grown. I agree with Bobbie...we do need to do a reunion next year.

Christy said...

Holy cow has she changed!!! Those pictures are precious and she looks adorable!! Have fun in colorado. I have to ask, who are Eliana's parents? A childhood friend of ours daughter is named Eliana and she was around the same referral time as you. They also live in colorado so I wasn just thinking maybe it is my firend. Her name is Heather and her hubby is Milan. Anyway, let me know and have fun!!!

Christy :)

Anonymous said...

I just loved the pictures!! I cannot wait to actually see how much she has grown!

Karen and Bob said...

OMG...she was so babyish. Love the almost toothless grin! Hope you're having a great time in Colorado.

Beverly said...

she just makes you smile.