Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baking Cookies

Saturday was a nice cloudy, cozy up kind of day so I decided to make some Halloween cookties as Gracie says. Gracie loves to help me cook and jumps at any chance she can get so she was really excited when I brought the cookies out and asked her if she wanted to help make them. As we put the cookies on the tray, Gracie kept eating the cookie dough which to me tastes better than the actually cookies. As Gracie and I were making our cookies, I couldn't help but become sentimental. I remember when my mom and I used to bake together and she would show me how to measure flour or grease a pan. I often think about her and wish that I could turn to her for parenting advice when I am having a problem with something but on that particular day, I just wished that she could be with us and bake some cookies with her grandaughter. When Gracie gets older and I show her the things that my mom taught me, I will tell her all about my mom, her grandma and what a wonderful cook she was.

Carrying the cookties to the table

Yummy dough

Look at Gracie's cheeks, they are puffed out because her mouth was stuffed with cookie dough

Later that night, Jerry took a picture of Gracie eating her slice of pizza


Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

What a sweet post. It's such a joy to make those simple and fun memories. She looks like such a big girl eating her pizza. :-)

William and Bobbie said...

its amazing how doing little things with your daughter brings back memories...what cute pics..btw love the Boo door mat

Natalie said...

I love the pictures especially the piggies. She is looking so grown up helping her mommy