Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy Time

As you recall from my last posting, I had a very busy week at local amusement parks. Last Friday, Jerry and I took Gracie back to Knott's since Jerry never gets to do the "fun" things with Gracie that I do during the day as he is busy working, providing for us. Jerry moaned and groaned since amusement parks aren't his favorite thing but he put on a happy face for Gracie and she loved having her daddy go on all the rides with her. There was one ride though that Gracie absolutely hated. It's was a ride shaped as a school bus, that goes around and makes your tummy tickle, kind of like when you are on a roller coaster. It then stops at the top and goes backwards. Poor Gracie girl, had the weirdest look on her face, everytime the ride went down and she didn't know what to do. I didn't get any pictures because she looked so scared and was crying for me. I couldn't do anything but comfort her, until the ride was over, which thank goodness was quickly. Other than that ride, Gracie had a blast. Hopefully I didn't give her an aversion to buses.

Gracie squealed everytime the car would whip around the corner. Jerry squealed because of his bad back!

Pump it up Gracie

Gracie loved the bounce house

Jerry was crazy and went on the Supreme Scream which goes way up high in the air and drops you like a lead balloon. Torture for me, fun for him.

Gracie kept saying, "Daddy, high" I said, "Daddy, crazy"

See those feet, wayyy up in the air? One of those is Jerry's and the ride is about to drop him down.

Later that evening, Daddy was silly with Gracie's hair. It doesn't look so badly in the picture but it looked hysterical in person. I think Gacie liked it too!


Mom of Three said...

Those are some sweet memories to have. Jerry is a great daddy!

Natalie said...

I loved the pictures and especially Gracie's pig tails. Her hair is getting so long... even longer than when we saw her last!
She has more than little.