Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney, Knott's and am I Tired!

This past week has really been busy, so busy that I feel as though I've barely had time to breathe! It started with last Friday, when Karen and I decided to take the girls to Disneyland to see the fall decorations. This was after we did a mom's group playdate at Starbucks. Disneyland was packed, more so than it is in the summer. Doesn't anybody work these days, or even attend school anymore? People were probably thinking the same thing about us. We were able to go on maybe one or two rides at Disneyland, shove some food down our throats and see the Disney Playhouse, before Karen and I were going to fall over from sheer exhaustion and heat.

So we are a glutton for punishment and decided to go to Knott's this past Tuesday. Gracie's grandma went with us too. Since we already have Disney passes, why not buy ones to Knott's too. What a bargain it was for only $80 and that included no black out dates whatsoever. Knott's was like a fresh of breathe air compared to Disney, minus the customer service part. There were no crowds at all and the girls went on almost every ride in Camp Snoopy, twice! Grandma was a trooper, even though the temperature was in the 90s. Gracie and I liked it so much, that we took Daddy back on Friday. Oh, did I fail to mention that I went to Disneyland again on Wednesday and Thursday? Our friends from our travel group were down here from Northern CA with their little girl who is from the same orphanage as Gracie . I will post those pictures when I get a minute, right now I need to go and collapse into bed.

This was about the only thing there wasn't a long line for, a picture in fron of the giant Mickey pumpkin.

So happy

Dancing with her lolly at the Disney Playhouse

This is now Knott's. Kailee and Karen having fun on the cars

Grandma and Gracie on the cars too

For this ride, the girls had to pump the handle to make it go. They tried to their hearts content and did a pretty good job but needed a little bit of help from the worker.

I secretly think this was Karen's favorite ride

Grandma on the carousel

The train ride


Karen and Bob said...

Wow, now I am tired! You got some great pictures...I stole some! I'll email you a few of the ones I took. I didn't realize you went to Disney on both Wed, and Thurs. You might have told me, memory any longer...meno-mommy brain. How was Friday at Knotts?

Christy said...

My goodness-- you have been crazy busy!!! I cant bleive how many things you have done in a short week. I totally wish we could have joined you at dland but we didnt even get there until 5:30pm or so. It was crazy busy!! Anyway, glad all is well and would love to meet up soon.