Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie

Dearest Gracie

Happy birthday little princess, I can't believe that you are two today. It is amazing how fast time flies by. Daddy and I watch you grow and change every day and you are becoming more and more independent. You have the sweetest smile in the morning when you wake up and are always happy when you wake. I love to listen to you sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and you love the butterfly song, especially when it's time for the butterfly to wake up. Whenever you have an owie, you say to us, owie, owie and we have to kiss it and if we have an owie or you think we have one, you are so very sweet and kiss ours too! You also like to share your food with not only us, but whoever is around including Wrigley. Elmo and Barney are your favorite characters right now and whenever you want to watch, you say loudly ELMO. Slides are also your favorite thing to go and and it's so fun to watch you climb up the stairs by yourself and like a big girl, go down on your own. I could go on an on about all the wonderful things but then this letter would go on forever. One thing is sure baby girl, Daddy and I love you very much and we want to wish you a very Happy Birthday with all of your dreams and wishes coming true.

Also, I am thinking of Gracie's birth mom today too. I still think of her a lot and wish I could bottle up all of the things that Gracie does and send it to her. I don't know where she is but I know she is probably thinking of Gracie today. Tears well up in my eyes as I could never imagine having to give up my child. Please think of Gracie's first mom today and send her some prayers or good thoughts.


Karen and Bob said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie!

Thank you for inviting us to your birthday party. We had lots of fun.

Mom of Three said...

I'm so behind on commenting! First of all, Happy Birthday to the little sweetheart! Gracie is such an incredible little girl. It is hard to watch her grow so fast. Secondly, I love the pictures of all the pumpkins! It looks like she had a lot of fun with Grandpa. Finally, I totally relate to the cookie thing. Some of my sweetest memories are of cooking with my mom. You are such a good one, that Gracie will have those memories to look back on too.

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Christy said...

Happy birthday Gracie!!! Two years old-- amazing!!! I cant belive you have had her for so long and that she is now growing up into a beautiful little girl. It is just weird but way cool!! Happy birthday and Im glad you guys had a fun party!!

Christy :)

William and Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

-from Leah your yangxi sister
(via my mommy-she wont let me play with the keyboard anymore)