Thursday, October 16, 2008

Party Pictures

Last Sunday, we had Gracie's birthday party. This year, I wanted it to be small and quiet since we did the whole 9 yards last year. Gracie had a lot of fun and got lots of neat presents. Jerry and I, along with my dad and Jerry's mom, all chipped in and bought Gracie a swing set which she loves to pieces. Poor Jerry, started putting up the swing set the day before and had to wake up really early the next morning to finish. It's not completely done but the swings and slide is on which is the most important thing. Gracie's birthday theme was Hello Kitty which was a lot different than last year since I did a Halloween theme for her first. This year, I wanted it to be girly and how much more girly can you get than Hello Kitty? I made the pictures smaller since there a lot. To see them larger, just click on the picture itself.

PS~ Gracie started staying I love you for the first time yesterday and it melts my heart, everytime she says it!

This is how the swing set came. It looked like never ending pieces of wood

Jerry's not too happy in this picture as he wasn't even half way done after working for 3 hours on the set

At least Gracie had fun on the slide, even though it wasn't put together yet

Birthday girl and all her balloons

Playing with Uncle Pete

"Granny" Joy

Yay, the swing set is together. Here is Kailee on the glider

Gracie on the back side of the glider

Finally, I can slide down for real

Smile Jill

Mei, Mei (Maria) and her mommy

All three girls playing with sidewalk chalk

Gracie's cousin Kevin. She absolutely adores him

Gracie's other cousin Krysta who is wonderful with Gracie

Does this hat make my paws look big?

Gracie got shy, midway through the birthday song

Mommy making sure Gracie's hair didn't catch on fire while blowing out the candles


Gracie loved this Hello Kitty pillow

There's a new princess in town and her name is Grandma

Thank you Daddy, I love my new swing


Mom of Three said...

Gracie looks so cute in all her pink ruffles! Way to go Jerry on the swingset. It is one of many such projects in the future. It looks like a really fun day!

William and Bobbie said...

aww looks like a great hello kitty :)

Natalie said...

I love, love the last picture of Gracie in her new swing.
Jerry, You're such a good daddy! Looks like the girls had such a fun day with the swing.