Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beach Camping

This past weekend, we took our trailer down to the beach for a fun family camping outing. Try saying that fast 3 times! The weather was very warm, in the 80s and on Saturday, the Santa Ana winds were blowing which caused a lot of destruction and fires in the nearby hills. A lot of people ended up losing houses and the fires are still raging on. The air quality was pretty bad too on Saturday and the wind blew the smoke down to the beach. Later, I will post some pictures that we took of the sky and smoke. We also ended up leaving one day early as the electricity went out, due to a transformer blowing.

Since we were steps from the ocean and the weather was warm, we took Gracie down to the water where she had fun running around on the sand and building a castle, well sort of building a castle with daddy. She kept knocking it down, everytime Jerry would start to build one! I did get to relax a bit and read some of my book Some of my friends and I created a bookclub and this is our first book. It's an excellent book and hard to put down.

Also, when we were taking a walk along the beach, there were tons and tons of ladybugs in the sand by the water. I got all excited since ladybugs are a good sign and are important to the Chinese adoption community. I went online to find out what was up with the ladybugs and found this quote "Then they fly up into an air column and if it happens to be an offshore breeze, say a Santa Ana condition, they eventually run out of ground. It’s all about timing,” . Which basically means, the Santa Ana winds that were starting, whipped the the ladybugs onto the shore. :)

That's my girl, two remotes are better than one!

I told you Gracie's favorite place is the bathtub

Lounging around

Gracie had fun covering my feet

Doing the happy dance

This is a picture of the loads of seashells that were at the beach. I tried to capture just the shells and sand as I wanted the never ending effect.

Flying pigtails

I have no idea how I captured this picture but check out Gracies feet, both are off the ground. I told her to jump whenever the water came up and I must have caught her just at the right time.

Part of the HB Pier and a surfer catching a wave

Gracie and mommy waving at the helicopter

Beautiful smile, beautiful girl

Yummy, Gracie had her first taste of S'mores

Watching the campfire intently

Kicking back watching Barney

Here's a picture of a ladybug on the sand. I took out the color in the background sand and left the ladybug red.


Mom of Three said...

That looks like an incredible trip. So beautiful and relaxing. I wish we were there!

William and Bobbie said...

im jealous..its 30 degrees here and snowing (of course) the pic of her jumping!!

Christy said...

What a fun time and clearly Gracie loved it!!! She is sooo adorable and I noticed the feet off the ground picture even before I read your caption-- way cool pic!! I also love her smile in the one picture inside the trailer-- she looks beautiful!!! Glad you guys had some good family time together!!

I wanted to tell you that most of my family caught the flu last night and we are in the trenches right now. Hopefully we will get better fast but chances are it will be here for at least a day or two. If we are up to it will will still attempt to do Dland-- if not, we will have to plan another trip-- darn this!!!

Anyway, I will let you know.

Christy :)

Anonymous said...

Gracie looks like she is having a blast and the beach looks wonderful and relaxing.
I love all the great pictures.

Beverly said...

love the pics esp of her jumping.

Karen and Bob said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. It's great that you can go camping so close to home. I love the picture of Gracie jumping...very cool.