Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fire and Sun

While we were at the beach, there were a lot of fires that were going on in the mountain areas. We get windy conditions called The Santa Anas, which blew the smoke all the way down towards the ocean. The sky looked ominous, almost as though a terrible rain storm was to come, but it was just smoke. In the top picture, is our campground. You
can see how the smoke is making it's way to
the ocean.

Here is a picture of the HB Pier and the horrible conditions over the water. A little bit of blue sky is still showing.

In this picture, you can see that no blue sky is left.

The second night camping, Jerry took these beautiful pictures of the sun setting behind Catalina Island. We have some gorgeous sunsets here in SoCal.


Mom of Three said...

Except for the beautiful sunsets, the skies look terrible! Those poor people! I hope that you can breathe!

jwhitacre said...

Your daughter is adorable! Great beach pics-although I get a tad jealous...we live in NY so wI am trying to come to terms with settling into a very long winter...ughh!

Natalie said...

Well, despite the awful conditions, the pictures are amazing and beautiful at the same time.